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Hello! My name's Felicia, and I am officially a college graduate! I am an elementary school teacher currently working as a substitute. My blog is really random, but once you look at it you'll be able to figure out my interests real fast :) Stop by and say hi!


Anne Hathaway as Mary Poppins (Saturday Night Live, April 10, 2008) [x]

Anne Hathaway as Mary Poppins (Saturday Night Live, April 10, 2008) [x]

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1912, Titanic in colour. Colorised by Anton Logvynenko

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(by MikeR…)


(by MikeR…)

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pretty outfits (7/?) → belle in “the crocodile”  

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im sick of the lies

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Rapunzel on Flickr.


Rapunzel on Flickr.

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my princess; the series - (5/)


OUAT Season Three Appreciation Weekends

August 29 - 31 : Favorite Season Three Moment

I couldn’t choose only one so I picked ten ^^

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"Your discomfort is a cross I’m willing to bear."

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once i had a dream that my cat was working at mcdonalds w/ me and she had a lil uniform and she kept getting fur in the fries and everyone was yelling at me and saying “ur cat sucks on fries” and i was like “shes just a cat give her a break!” and i woke up crying